Sunday, February 01, 2009

Long-Time-No-Hear: Where's all the Recipes???

I've got a new Blog!

Where's all the recipes??? Weeeell, I have still been eating great food, just not necessarily photographing it...! Making a really good food-photograph literally takes HOURS, by the time you fiddle with all the props and ingredients and lighting... which is a perfect pass-time for a winter's afternoon. But the serendipitous summer days more recently have drawn me out of the kitchen and onto more spontaneous subjects. I'm sure the kitchen will once again become a food-photography studio when the weather cools down and there will be more great recipes coming your way - but for now, let me share some of my other photographic adventures on my new blog: Photo-Ventura.

According to Spanish-English dictionaries,
Ventura means:

1. Happiness, Contentment (felicidad).

2. Luck (suerte)'por ventura' = luckily
'Buena ventura' = good fortune told by gypsies and vagrants.
'Probar ventura' = to try one’s fortune, to venture at, on, or upon.

3. Contingency, casualness, happenstance, adventure.
'a la (buena) ventura' = at random; without a fixed plan.

4. Future; that which is to come.

... which is a pretty good description of my approach to photography...!

This new blog will showcase selected photos from my travels in Australia and O/S; of dance; plants; people; Life.

If you are interested in receiving these images as emails, simply log onto the site and subscribe to this blog, in the same way that you are currently subscribed to Yum-oh.

Happy New Year, may the year of the Ox bring stability and peace.
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