Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rice Cracker Infinity-Screen Experiment:

Simple pics today: - a stack of five tamari-seaweed brown-rice crackers and a set of three glasses. These were taken about six months ago and were among my first attempts at learning studio lighting techniques using an 'infinity screen' - which in this case was a curved piece of white PVC sheeting taped to a metal laundry-basket frame, so that the background behind the objects is smooth and white without the intrusion of any angles, edges or corners.

Here's some of the sites that were helpful when I was learning about studio lighting:

Digital Photography School
Jayden's Steamy Kitchen
David Kilpatrick at Photoclub Alpha
Kaylins Kitchen
Dragon Image - where I bought a kit of 3 soft-box lights, in Artarmon, Sydney.

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