Friday, November 12, 2010

Ocean Trout, Rice and Egg Donburi - A Warm Salad for Breakfast.

The Japanese word for Big Bowl is Donburi - and there's no better start to the day than with a big bowl of fishy-ricey goodness, a balance of complex carbs, proteins and fresh herbs.

It's simple and quick - if you don't have fresh fish on hand then canned or smoked fish can be used.

Method & Ingredients:

Compose in individual bowls for each breakfaster:

- half a cup of cooked rice (brown, white, red - whatever your preference on the day)
a serving of flaked fish (ie, cooked fish, separated into bite-sized 'flakes'. Nice fish for this dish include: tuna, salmon, ocean trout, or river trout, etc.)

- top with a fried egg

- sprinkle on a handful of rough-cut Italian parsley

- dress with a mixture of lemon juice and organic mayonnaise

- season with a grind of fresh black pepper.

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