Thursday, November 10, 2011

Da Dong's Duck and Seafood Restaurant in Beijing

We flew via Beijing last month on our way to Nepal, deciding that a week of relaxing (and eating!) would be a good preparation for the mountain trekking ahead of us. The restaurant created by Da Dong ("Big Dong" - do you think he has tickets on himself?!) has to be one of the dining highlights of visiting Beijing. Housed in a Heritage Granary, Chef Dong has created dishes of culinary genius that are a fusion of traditional Chinese flavours with modern French nouvelle cuisine... absolutely delightful!

According to The Beijinger, "arguments will never cease as to which kitchen produces Beijing’s best roast ducks, but Da Dong’s ability to transcend the duck genre is marked by its repeated wins as "Best Chinese Restaurant of the Year" in the Beijinger’s annual Reader Restaurant Awards. Try dipping a slice of duck in the sugar provided alongside other condiments – somehow, it works, beautifully. The 160-page menu is a work of art in itself, with a plethora of duck dishes backed up by vegetable dishes, soups and more. If you’re only going to eat duck once in Beijing, book a table – or else be prepared to wait for one – at Da Dong. Voted best "Chinese Restaurant of the Year," "Beijing Duck" and "Best for Impressing Visitors" in the 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards."

Located  in a heritage precinct at 22A Dong Si Shi Tiao, in Dongcheng District.

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