Monday, June 09, 2008

Secret Ingredient #1 - Carob Molasses

Ever since discovering Carob Molasses, it has been the referred to by our group of friends as the original Secret Ingredient, because we started using it in and on absolutely everything - from pancakes to salad dressing – and people's first reaction is always: Yum-oh! – what’s that?!”

“Concentrated from Dissolved Carob’s Water 100% Pure” as the label says - this rich, full-bodied molasses is a delight to the palate, a little like maple-syrup, but with a rich, bitter-sweet, chocolaty edge.

Where do you buy Carob Molasses?
We first discovered Carob Molasses in Marrickville at the Lebanese small-goods shop on the corner of Illawarra Rd and Church St, but ask for it in Middle-Eastern grocery stores in other areas.

The owner of the shop where we bought it said his family likes to eat it on toast with Tahini; but it works well as the sweetener in a range of cakes and sweets - drizzled over piping hot Buckwheat Pancakes is definitely Yum-oh! (see recipe below)

We also use it deliciously and unusually as the secret ingredient in salad dressings, (see recipe below), where it is the perfect compliment to balance sour flavours like lime and pungent flavours like garlic, used in much the same way as Palm Sugar is used in South-East Asian cooking.

Buckwheat Pancakes with Carob Molasses Recipe:
We make these from Orgran Buckwheat Pancake Mix - gasp! yes, a packet mix... don't panic, it's Organic! No need to re-invent the wheel - just follow the instructions on the packet: mix, pour, fry, flip. Stack them up and drizzle with carob molasses just before serving, crispy and piping hot.


NOTE: This post has been entered in a blogsphere Food Challenge by Susan at The Well Seasoned Cook called Pancakes on Parade - you can make and enter your own pancakes too! Entries close on 6th July 2008.

Carob Molasses Dressing with Fresh Herbs & Leafy Greens Salad.

1 tablespoon Carob molasses
1 lime, juiced
2 cloves of garlic
1 teaspoon mild fresh chilli, sliced
3 tablespoons Green Tea Oil
a pinch of salt and pepper

Shake in a jar to emulsify and scatter over a salad of fresh herbs and leafy greens.

Salad of Fresh Herbs & Leafy Greens:
Nasturtium leaves

Coriander leaf
Chrysanthemum leaves
Red Spanish onion, thinly sliced

Wash the herbs and leafy greens and spin dry in a salad spinner. Assemble on a serving-platter, mixing the herbs and greens together evenly. Scatter the red onion over the herbs and sprinkle the Carob Molasses Salad Dressing over the salad.

Serve immediately. Yum-oh!

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Susan said...

Thank you, Kyle, for the intro to carob molasses. Buckwheat must be marvelous drenched in it. Dig that salad and dressing, too.

[eatingclub] vancouver || js said...

Thanks for the tip re carob molasses. It's totally new to me. I don't know what it tastes like, but I do know how buckwheat pancakes taste and yours look great.

Ricki said...

Never heard of carob molasses, but I like it already! And your photos are gorgeous.

librariane said...

Your mini pancakes are quite cute! Thanks for sharing your secret ingredient. I'll have to keep my eye out for it. :)

Ali said...

I'm so addicted to the combination of tahini and carob molasses. Try it and you'll say Wooooow. Carob has a very strong flavor so a little of it goes a long way.

Randa said...

great post, thanks for sharing it with us. if anyone is interested in buying fair trade carob molasses, kindly contact our NGO: Fair Trade Lebanon.
A little post about the product is right here:

Anonymous said...

just try vamilla ice with this, fantatstic!

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