Thursday, July 24, 2008

Learning New Presentation Skills

Today I learned some new presentation skills! So If you'll bear with me, here's a collage of some of the photos from Marienne's Zesty Citron Cake shoot...

This was done using the free software on Picassa from Google. Picassa is a great picture-organising tool, I don't know how I'd keep track of my pics without it - it's super-fast for browsing images and has some really good picture-editing tools. For some of the simple fixes - cropping / straightening / lightening / darkening / sharpening / saturation / etc - it is almost as good as PhotoShop and nowhere NEAR the mucking about.

Who said there's no such thing as a Free Lunch??! lol.


Lori Lynn said...

Very nice photomontage!

Say, I wonder if you know if Picassa has a retouch tool, to take out a blemish on the photo?

Kyle @ Yumoh said...

Alas, no. For all that is it an amazing free tool, Picassa doesn't have the level of sophistication needed for cloning areas of a photo for removing blemishes. Programes like Photoshop or Lightroom are still the kings there... But what I find Picassa excellent for is WORKFLOW - being able to browse my images superfast, delete the duds and organise the rest into groups for fine-tuning in Photoshop. It's so easy to work between the two, so I might do some simple fixes in Picassa (eg, straighten or crop), or experiment with certain effects, and the add the finishing touches in Photoshop... I have to say, the "clone" tool in Photoshop is my new best friend! (probably everyone's best friend, the way it can seamlessly remove wrinkles!!)

Lori Lynn said...

Thanks for the response Kyle.

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